Meet our Jeweller – Trond

Here is a little refresher for you all. Trond was born in southern Sweden to a Swedish father and a Norwegian mother—the middle brother of three boys.  He started at the Swedish Jeweller’s School at the age of 15. In those days, you lived at the school. So, he lived and breathed Jewellery. He will […]

Diamonds in April

On the first day of April, we bid farewell to the lovely Aquamarine and welcome the Diamond as the birthstone for this month.

Transforming Memories by Repurposing Jewellery

Transforming Memories: Turning a loved one’s jewellery into a heartfelt keepsake. Our client had a deep emotional attachment to her husband’s wedding ring and wanted to keep it close. We understood this sentiment and devised an elegant solution—moulding the band into a sentimental heart and adding a bail so she could attach it to her […]

Amethysts in February

As February comes to a close. I have one last fun fact for you about the beautiful Amethyst, which is the birthstone of February and the sixth wedding Anniversary. The meaning of the word Amethyst. In Greek, Amethystos means a remedy against drunkenness. The name, Amethyst came from one of the many uses of the […]

The Rabbit and the Pearl

A little late today, the boss and I had a mystery tour of NZ airports with Air NZ, three airports before we returned to where we initially took off. Those pilots certainly earned their pay this week! So, Workshop Wednesday. This week, we bring you a gorgeous handmade Gold and Pearl Rabbit ring. This was […]

Repurposing jewellery

Today is all about giving old jewellery a new life! At Goldfields Jewellers of Queenstown, we call this “re-purposing”. We understand that many of us have unique pieces of jewellery that we can’t part with, whether family heirlooms or sentimental items passed down from previous generations. That’s where we come in – bring those forgotten […]