Welcome to Goldfields Jewellers of Queenstown.

Queenstown Master Jewellers

Goldfields Jewellers, a family-owned and operated business, is led by Trond and Anna Johansson. Trond crafts exquisite jewellery at the store’s workbench, supported by Anna and a knowledgeable team.

Specialising in engagement rings, one-of-a-kind pieces, and sentimental jewellery remakes, Goldfields offers expert advice and repair services.

With a diverse range of designs to fit various styles and budgets, customers are encouraged to explore online and visit the store for a personalized experience.

“Gifted by nature and created by hand”

Queenstown Jewellers, Goldfields Jewellers

Our Jewellery

Browse our selection of bespoke fine jewellery pieces. We work with all types of gemstones, opal and pounamu to create pendants, earrings and many other pieces.

Hand made, bespoke custom ring by Goldfields Jewellers of Queenstown.

Engagement & Wedding Rings

We have many beautiful engagement rings in store, or we can create your vision of the perfect ring.
Custom carved pounamu by Goldfields Jewellers of Queenstown.

Pounamu (NZ Greenstone)

Pounamu (or “greenstone” in New Zealand English) are several types of hard and durable stone found in southern New Zealand. They are highly valued by the Māori, and hardstone carvings made from pounamu play an important role in Māori culture.
Bespoke, one-off, customised, hand made Opal ring by Goldfields Jewellers of Queenstown.


Opal is so unique it has its own descriptive vocabulary. More than any other gem, each opal is distinctly individual.


Fine quality natural pearls are very rare jewels. Their values are determined similarly to those of other precious gems, according to size, shape, colour, quality of surface, orient and luster.
Single natural pearls are often sold as collectors’ items, or set as center-pieces in unique jewellery.

karen walker runaway girl necklace in sterling silver, sold by Goldfields Jewellers of Queenstown

Karen Walker Jewellery

We have the latest stunning pieces from famed New Zealand designer Karen Walker.
LOTR Lord of the Rings gold ring, inscribed, sold by Goldfields Jewellers of Queenstown.

LOTR and The Hobbit

We stock a huge range of the gorgeous and powerful rings and pendants of Middle-earth.


Every gemstone has a story.
From where it was created to how it was formed. With our one of a kind pieces you will discover a stone that’s made as unique as you.


We offer all the advice and information you need to be able to make an informed decision about your jewellery purchase, without you having to become a jewellery expert.

We listen to your wishes and dream jewellery designs, and work within your budget to help you purchase the perfect item of jewellery for you.


We understand how jewellery should be treasured and looked after. Our jewellers have over 50 years’ experience in designing, maintaining, and repairing jewellery, from new designs to antique pieces.

Feel free to come in store with your jewellery for a free quote and a chat about how we can repair your piece.


Whether you call it Upcycling, recycling or remodelling! We all have jewellery that sits in our drawers or jewellery boxes gathering dust.

It may have been inherited, or of great sentimental value, Maybe it was your Mother’s engagement or wedding ring, a piece from a past relationship, Or an older piece that you would like modernised.

This is the place to go to for that something special.
Such a great range of local artists and Trond has amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Some truly beautiful and unique pieces. Wonderful, friendly staff who really know there stuff and are willing to go above and beyond.
Cannot recommend highly enough.
Caroline Lewis