Pounamu (NZ Greenstone)

Pounamu (or “greenstone” in New Zealand English) are several types of hard and durable stone found in southern New Zealand. They are highly valued by the Māori, and hardstone carvings made from pounamu play an important role in Māori culture.

About Our Pounamu

We offer an exceptional range of unique, handcrafted pieces that embody the spirit and beauty of Aotearoa. At Goldfields Jewellers, we take pride in showcasing the timeless allure of pounamu, also known as greenstone, a gemstone deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of New Zealand. Our skilled artisans expertly blend traditional Maori designs with contemporary styles, creating one-of-a-kind jewellery that is as unique as each of our clients.

Our journey began with a passion for the art of jewellery making and a deep respect for the natural beauty of pounamu. Each piece of greenstone is carefully selected for its quality and distinct characteristics, ensuring that every creation tells its own story. From elegant necklaces and pendants to striking earrings and rings, our collection is a testament to the skill of our artisans and the natural beauty of pounamu.

At Goldfields Jewellers, we believe in offering a personalised experience to each customer. Whether you are looking for a bespoke piece to mark a special occasion or a beautiful gift that captures the essence of New Zealand, our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect item. We invite you to explore our online gallery or visit our Queenstown store to discover the magic of pounamu and the craftsmanship that sets Goldfields Jewellers apart.