Meet our Jeweller – Trond

Here is a little refresher for you all. Trond was born in southern Sweden to a Swedish father and a Norwegian mother—the middle brother of three boys. 

He started at the Swedish Jeweller’s School at the age of 15. In those days, you lived at the school. So, he lived and breathed Jewellery. He will tell you stories of the many pranks and escapades they got up to with a twinkle in his eye.

After graduating as a jeweller in 1970 and then as a Master Jeweller in 1973, he worked in Sweden until 1975 before leaving on a sailboat to discover the world.

Fast-forward three years, and he arrived by sailboat to work in Australia. As many have done before, and since he came to New Zealand for a holiday, he has never left. 

Arriving in Auckland at 27, after seven years as an employee, he started his own business, building a team of jewellers who worked for him. He designed his ranges of jewellery and marketed and sold them around New Zealand, as well as exporting them to 15 countries around the world.

Trond would come to Queenstown for business, and after his doctor told him it was probably time to slow down, he decided to get off the road, put down roots and move to this lovely place to live.

Here, he met his wife Anna, and they settled into Queenstown life. They raised daughter Grete and son Jack.

Together, they bought Goldfields Jewellers from long-time locals Dave and Judith Cleghorn. And the rest is history.

To this day, he’s always been as much in love with the jewellery-making process as the rewards. 

Trond says there are so many facets to working in the jewellery industry, and he has been involved with most,” “There’s always something new to learn, and you make lovely things for nice people.

He works with beautiful metals and stunning stones. “When you’ve created the final piece, and you get a hug and a kiss from a lovely lady, their partner pays the bill for working with something you love,” he says, tongue firmly in cheek. “How hard can it be?” 

Suppose Trond can help with that unique custom-made piece or re-purpose that piece that’s lying in your jewellery box. Pop in, or visit us online, and have a chat.

Gifted by nature, crafted by hand, that’s what we do.

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