Give new life to wonderful and treasured pieces

Whether you call it; upcycling, recycling or remodelling!

We all have jewellery that sits in our drawers or jewellery boxes gathering dust. It may have been inherited, or of great sentimental value, Maybe it was your Mother’s engagement or wedding ring, a piece from a past relationship, Or an older piece that you would like modernised.

Repurposing old jewellery is a wonderful opportunity to reuse metals, diamonds, and gemstones.  You may wish to add a diamond or another beautiful gemstone to it and recreate it into a bespoke piece that you will enjoy wearing for years to come, and maybe pass down the generations too.

The Story

Our client inherited two diamond rings.
After consultation we supplied the aquamarine, and the result is this stunning ring.

The Story

Our client came to us with this family heirloom, a 100 year old Russian brooch.
We designed and made her wedding ring from the old cut diamonds, and we are in the process of making a dress ring using the sapphires and the leftover smaller stones.
The gold will most likely be used to make a plain gold band.

The Story

This ring arrived to us with a badly damaged stone.
We replaced the broken stone with a beautiful Citrine.
And with a little additonal TLC thepiece was brought back to life.

The Story

A combination of four generations of jewellery, plus a new centre diamond, went into creating this stunning diamond ring.


If you have any questions please email or call us, or pop in to see us at the shop.
We are always happy to discuss jewellery with you, offer suggestions and advice on repurposing or custom designs, and help you to find the ideal piece for you.


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